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Earn While You Surf. Do you realize how valuable you are as an Internet user? Did you know that you can be paid when you’re on the Web? Advertisers are very eager to reach you, and they can do it by putting their messages on message windows called "paybars". Then PTS companies will pay you to use them. Interested? Just click on the links on the left to get started!

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Earn More. Not only can you get paid when you surf, you can also get paid when your friends surf. And their friends. And THEIR friends. Check out the "Maximize Your Referrals" link if you want to build a community while you build your earnings.

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No Catch. Just join a program, download their "paybar" and start earning. As you surf, it creates a member profile that describes your unique interests and preferences. It is then used to send sponsor messages to you that are targeted to the things you are interested in. And you can turn it off anytime you want.

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